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Are you ready to release pain, toxins and stress that have built up

and prevent you from feeling joy and peace? 

Jules Sears, sound healer and energy worker, is here to help! Whether you choose:

  • a private session where she can customize the treatment to address your specific symptoms
  • a workshop where you receive healing frequencies and learn techniques to release negative emotions and toxins
  • guided imagery and hypnotherapy to change patterns that impede your health

the effects of healing sounds and vibrations can help nurture your mind, body and spirit. Read more and contact Jules to experience the profoundly transforming power of sound!

NOW OFFERING VIRTUAL SESSIONS via ZOOM!  Click here for more info

What is Sound Healing?

Physics explains that everything has a resonant frequency that it most naturally resonates at. When we find that resonate frequency and play a sound that matches it, it actually feeds energy into the object, loosening it up and causing more natural flow. This could be a cell, an organ such as the heart or liver, or any part of the body where there is inflammation or toxicity that has caused it to go to a different frequency.

The frequencies of sound work to create a more harmonious flow in many of the systems in the body – including the skeletal, nervous, muscular, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and endocrine systems. Sound also creates a sense of well being when the body’s natural healing responses kick in and has been proven by science* to boost the immune system.

Jules believes that the most powerful way to connect with energy is with sound. She uses tuning forks specially calibrated by acupuncturists* create vibrations that travel deeply into the body along energy pathways, affecting human physiology and reaching places not easily accessed. When used in conjunction with bells, gongs, bowls, rattles, guided imagery and hypnotherapy, sound healing can elicit long-term transformation and support your body’s natural frequencies and well-being.

What is Mother Roasting?

"For every day a woman doesn't take care of herself in the first two weeks postpartum, she adds a month to her postpartum recovery," says Raven Lang, who was a midwife for twenty years and has since been an acupuncturist for almost twenty.The 6 weeks following birth are prime time to rebuild, and present an opportunity to reset the mother's constitution if she takes care to nurture herself along with her new child.

Its very important for baby AND momma to be warm postpartum. For hundreds of years, many cultures have used warming techniques incorporating hot stones, water bottles, warm oils or even a fire next to the mother and infant. In Chinese Medicine, Mother Roasting is done by burning a stick of moxa (which comes from the Chinese mugwort plant) close to the mother's lower abdomen and low back. This unique herb has a deeply healing and warming effect and can help strengthen the organs- especially the kidneys and spleen -contract the uterus, relieve pain, encourage milk flow and build up immunity.*

Mother roasting is a replenishing treatment that helps a new mother with physical recovery from the birthing process and allows her to rest and prioritize herself for a short while. Besides incorporating breath work and guided imagery into the Mother Roasting, Jules uses tuning forks specifically designed by acupuncturists on the points and energy channels of the body that often get depleted in childbirth and pregnancy. The frequencies replenish the body while the sounds encourage a sense of well-being.

Best of all, Jules can come to your home, making it easy to take care of your infant if the need arises and allowing for a more restful experience. The optimal time to start reintroducing heat to the belly is five to seven days after birth, as long as there is no infection.

Ideally, Mother Roasting is repeated 5 times in the two-month post-natal period. Mothers can still receive its tonifying benefits up to 6 months after birth.

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